What is this?

This is my blog, and my name is Eric.

I am starting this as a way to help motivate myself to get my hobby on and get things finished. Maybe, just maybe, faster than I acquire new things. That is unlikely, however.

I love Warhammer 40k and the universe it exists in. It is hands down my favourite fictional lore of any genre around. The more I read and see the more I want to paint, the more I collect, and the more I want to game. It never ends, and since I was around 10 years old flipping through the 3rd edition rule book that passion has never left me.  This will be mostly 40k and Horus Heresy, but there will also be some AoS or historical models as well.

So I hope this will be the beginning of a lasting project that helps me to continue to create, grow, and evolve my hobby and projects.

I’ll end this with a random piece of John Blanche artwork I saw today. This man never stops amazing me.


Check out my Instagram which will probably get updated more often than this does.



2 thoughts on “What is this?

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  1. Awesome blog! Puts mine to shame.

    I agree with you and taking time to note down battle reports. I often type mine out a week later hence why they are pretty vague. It’s so bloody hard isn’t it.

    Your Iron warriors look incredible, when deciding to do 40k it was either going to be Iron Warriors or Alpha Legion. I went with the latter in the end. Would really love to play 30k but don’t know enough local people who play it. Something more epic about that game. Also love The Horus heresy book series.

    Can’t wait to see more on your Moria Goblins.

    All the best. ✌️


    1. Thank you sir! You are too kind your blog is great.

      Yes I find I am good at getting a lot of pictures taken, but not great at getting them posts up! You wait too long and it all floods out of your head sadly.

      I liked what i saw of your Alpha legion. I am lucky that 30k has really taken off here in the last couple of years. I only started playing 30k proper last year actually! Originally my thought was like you to use the models but play it for 40k only.

      I recently took pictures of my Goblins so I should get a post up about them soon!

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