I’m still alive :)

Well I have rather failed at maintaining this haven’t I.

Life has been busy, summer has been crazy. I was going to put up some battle reports on here from the Fate of Konor campaign I was doing with my friends but fun fact: Making battle reports takes a good amount of work!!

I still want to do that so will have to find a way for it not to take ages. I was enjoying taking photos and then editing those later to show where things moved etc. Perhaps I went too deep…

Also my Instagram posting has slowed down. This is mostly be cause I took a bunch of photos of my models in 1 big go. Then I slowly posted those. I have many more to photograph but just haven’t gotten around to setting up my photo booth again. That must be done soon too!

I’ve made good progress on my Death Guard though over the summer. At the moment they are paused to put in some finishing touches on my Iron Warriors for this years Kipper’s Melee Narrative event at the end of this month! Very excited for that.

I have also returned to the lands of Middle Earth rather unexpectedly… This has seen me building up a Moria Goblin force and have been loving it. A local here is running a Moria campaign set in the 4th age and it is mostly me vs my buddy and his Dwarves! Great fun!

At the same time I’ve been slowly building up more Death Guard as the releases come out. Looking forward to getting back them soon! And also getting more stuff posted on here…



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