Iron Circle WIP 2: Progress and Mistakes!

Work continues on the Iron Circle. I got all 3 based (Vallejo Air: Metallic Black) and sprayed in 2 (thin) coats of Valejo air Gunmetal and Chrome. Next up I have to start doing all the brass colours and maybe black out where hazards will go..then a good heavy wash of badab black. I am setting a goal of all 3 finished (not based) by Wednesday next week (Oct 18th). Here goes nothing :).


In terms of mistakes…. The guy on the right there who is stepping forward to squash his foe, was only held together by a thin piece of resin and green stuff super glued together.. In hindsight that was a really dumb idea…

About 3/4 through his base coat he came tumbling apart at the ankle there, arm pops off and I am left holding a base with a foot attached. Great! Fantastic. At first I thought maybe I could just green stuff the ankle back to the leg and maybe green stuff the toe touching the base on the other foot…I try and stumble through this with hands covered in paint and get nowhere.

In the end I had to drill and pin the ankle / leg and also the other foot into the base. He feels good and stable now! Lesson learned….

The other completely idiotic mistake….I for whatever reason attempted to pull out the paint tip on my Sotar 20/20 with a small pair of pliers..thinking it was just a little stuck on some paint. Normally you just screw off the nozzle head and it pops out the bottom. Well I didn’t actually screw the whole thing off…just the hold down ring. I honestly have no clue what I was thinking. So in trying to gently pull this paint tip (the wrong way!!!) I completely ruined it. Just trashed it. Fucking fantastic! The only silver lining was this was right at the end of my painting session so everything needed to be done is done at least….I have now ordered 2 replacements 😦


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