A Strong Weekend of Hobby

Well this past weekend was a long one (4 days) and I managed to go on a rather mad and sorted hobby spree. I was all over the place. Terrain, oldhammer 40k, LOTR, 30k…It was glorious.

The first thing I got down to was building up the last of my old era tank hall. I chose to turn 1 of the 2 predators I got (the regular autocannon turret version) into a rhino instead to complete my arsenal of armoured vehicles (I figured I would almost never run 2 predators and currently the las pred is top dog). The other one I finished up was my whirlwind! You can check them out below and a shot of the final lot all finished! I have also started to dig up old infantry to use and have been scouring Ebay as well…

Next up was to finish off my 2 cave trolls for LOTR. These are actually Gundabad Ogres, but are the same size. I hate the old cave troll model so these are a perfect stand in. I had one fight its first game and die on turn 1 on the charge….


Then I was inspired to finally do a vehicle swap. I had a FW armoured proteus land raider that I wanted to get into my Iron Warriors army. So I ripped off all the added fist and templar bits, got the doors off and replaced with Iron Warrior doors, and gave the whole thing a new coat of black to start it fresh. I don’t have that picture, just the before picture for now. More on this one to come soon!


After that quick project I felt like building some terrain! I have had the brilliant GW crane kit sitting on my shelf for ages and felt it was finally time to pop that open. Not only did I get the whole thing built I also got it sprayed later on (not pictured)! Very excited to start this guy later on. Not sure how I will paint it yet though.

Finally I managed to get back to work on the tablescape tiles sitting on my shelf. These are actually owned by a good friend of mine but he keeps them here and we worked together on painting them up. They have been sitting at I would say 60% complete for 2 years now. No more! Time to get these DONE.

I started by filling in the craters on the roads with water, something my friend had always wanted to do. I added a couple layers of brown underneath to change up the colours a bit, mixed in some blood and nurgle goo with the water on so me, and let it dry for 2 days. I didn’t get a good picture of the finished look, but it’s more like that one large on you see below. The road section pictures were taken while still very wet.

I then decided the roads needed…something.  The Iron Warrior in my new the answer…Hazard stripes!! I taped them off and gave them some sprays of yellow. They are not nearly done yet, need weathering still but they are getting there! What needs to happen next is basically weathering across the table..all the ruble etc. After that I think they are about done. We didn’t think we needed to bother adding street lines or anything. It was tempting but not really needed. I think I will add some debris though such as leaves, posters, etc.

That’s it for today!

This week sees the official start of my LOTR – Conquest of Moria campaign starting. We are kicking it off with a War of the Ring game fighting outside Moria’s East Gate. Post to follow!

3 thoughts on “A Strong Weekend of Hobby

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  1. One hell of an update here mate – that’s a ton of stuff happening!
    The tanks are looking good as only a swarm of old-school Rogue Trader armour can, and I like those Ogres as well (never seen those figs before!)
    The water has come up well on the Tablescape tiles, and the hazard stripes add a nice bit of detail and depth to them to help them feel more alive. Mine have literally just sat in their boxes since they finally arrived however many years ago it was. Maybe this summer…?


    1. Thanks sir!

      i can’t wait to start painting the tanks. Not sure how soon I will get to them but it will be lovely.

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one sitting on tiles for so long! Which ones do you have? They are truly lovely to game on for sure, worth the effort to start! Daunting though 🙂
      Bribe a friend with beer and pizza

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve got 16x rolling fields, 16x forgotten city, 16x urban and 20x ruined urban. Since those spacers that Justin kept banging on about (and delaying fulfilment for!) never eventuated, I’ve just got no idea how I could store them without damaging them once painted, so that’s sapped a lot of my motivation to paint them as well. 😦


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