Battle Companies – An Adventure in Middle Earth

Battle Companies was the game I didn’t know I was waiting for. It is perfection. It is everything I love in a tabletop war game. Small scale skirmish action with character customisation and rewards for every model. Lose an arm, gain heroic abilities, find rare equipment, or even death can await your plucky band of adventurers.

The local LOTR community here is in love with this release and have been going at the game furiously. I myself have started this off with a Goblin BC as those just happen to be the models I have on hand and painted!

I present to you, Moria Trek: The Next Goblination!

This starting war band (a custom one totalling 50 points instead of the default they present in the book) is a mix of regular Moria goblins led by a Gundabad Blackshield and accompanied by a Warg.

From left to right:

Whorf (Sgt), Dhatta, Rhyker(Sgt), Spot, Pikhard(Leader), Whez-lei, Oh’-bryhan, and Gheordhi. 🙂

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I did my best to…Goblinize the classic bridge crew names…

I have played 1 test game (the first scenario from the Quest to Fornost campaign) with them and they performed pretty well! I won’t go into detail on that test game me and my friend didn’t play it quite properly! I did however play it again this week and will do up a battle report on that.

So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy their quest to cross Middle Earth, starting from Lake Town in the shadow of Erebor all the way over to Fornost, North of Bree.  Will they make it? Who will be left from the original part? What new members (crew) will they find a long the way? Being Goblins, I think you should prepare for a rough ride!

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    1. It’s really great! If you have even 1 other person to play with and get on board the missions are campaign are just ace! The one challenge might be putting together proper boards to play on for the different locations…depending on what terrain you have or can get. I am rather spoiled as the main “ring leader” around here driving LOTR is insane about creating proper terrain as you see in my posts!

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  1. I didn’t know that Skirmish will bands was what this book is about until I read your post. I thought it was just a reprint of the rules. I’ll definitely have to pick this up now. 👍

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    1. Yep! It uses the same rules from The Hobbit rule book for all game play, but it provides scenarios for..11 I believe missions and a campaign that has a further 5 missions (and also uses the other scenarios as “in between” events). You can play the campaign as both good or evil and doing so will change some missions.

      There is also an evil designed campaign in White Dwarf right now being slowly released ( the latest copy had the first 2 scenarios).

      The book also has a bunch of rosters for armies though is missing a couple. Again White Dwarf will pick up the missing few (they already did Gundabad and a Dwarf/Lake town combo).

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      1. That sounds really good. I haven’t cracked open the shrinkwrap on my last few WDs (been busy with RL) but it’s good to know there’s useful content in there. 🙂


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