Something Different – Hobby Progress! Iron Warrior Landraider

I have been so busy with Battle Companies over the last month and a bit that I really haven’t done too much else. Though I haven’t slowed down on buying stuff….ugh.

But I did finally get a new landraider finished for my Iron Warriors. This actually used to be an Imperial Fist one (making the heresy even more delicious) that I have repurposed.

I started it back in…November I think and only just finished it a week ago! It sat there for a long while with its silver base coat until I got back to finishing it off. It’s a bit more battle damaged than I usually do but that is because for my Imperial Fists I had drilled bullet holes and explosion damage into all my stuff. I like it though, looks like it’s seen some shit!

I still want at least 1 more for this army but it’s not on my immediate list of things to do. I have a sicaran parking lot building up right now that will be my next lot of stuff to do for the mighty Iron Warriors!

I’ll get some good photos onto Instagram later but for now enjoy the raw beauty of my airbrush booth!


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