Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill x2

Hello all

I just finished my 2 Iron Warrior Termite drills! These kits were some of the best I’ve done from FW and went together very well. Quite fun to paint up too and very different compared to the other stuff in my army!

The only gap was where the drill connects to the hull, and even then it was barely noticeable. So little in fact I didn’t even bother to fill it in since weathering would cover it. After cleaning the resin up and dry fitting parts together it took only about 10 minutes to get most of this built! Very easy. I left the tip of the drill off for ease of painting.

I sprayed them with Vallejo black primer and then vallejo gunmetal and chrome. I then went back and did all the parts that would be hazard stripes in a black base (yellow first would have been easier in retrospect). Then I taped it up where I would do the hazards, of which I wanted to keep minimal.

Then began the painting of details! Though really there wasn’t a ton of details to do. I kept it really basic and just added bronze here and there to break up all the silver. I knew weathering would be the star here so didn’t want to bother going that deep with it. I added some Iron Warrior decals from FW and a Mechanicum date stamp near the engine.

And done! They took a deep weathering bath using GW  basing paints (both mud’s), technical paints (typhus corrosion and ryaza rust) and some FW rust weathering powder.

In the end I am very happy with how they came out! I haven’t used them in game yet but am very excited to do so.

My basic plan for these is to use them as guiding markers for my Ironfire. They come in like drop pods (turn 1) and I can then zero in on them to reduce scatter. Maybe I’ll throw tac support squad or vets inside. Something to make a tank or heavy infantry melt away.

I think I need a third….

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  1. These look great! I picked up a few of Mantic’s Vermyn Tunnellers awhile back with using them as Termites in mind. I’m just not sure whether to paint them in a specific army scheme, or in a more generic grey-with-heavy-weathering so they can be used for multiple armies. What are the dimensions of the termites?


      1. Yeah, I’ve been planning on doing the very same with my drop pods. Not that I’ve even got them assembled properly yet. And thanks!


      2. You may have gotten an answer a long time ago and I totally forgot to reply…but just in case!

        7 inches from engine tip to end of nose
        3 1/2 inches wide


  2. I’m also interested in a conversion. More of a burst up out of the ground look. What are the hull dimensions?


    1. I did a lot of typhus corrision / ryza rust combo in various spots. Then after that I used the FW Rust powder (I’ve been using it as a red sandy dust on a lot of my stuff) pretty heavily all over.


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