Legio Fureans & Legio Astorum

Oh, time for that yearly post! I actually had to check and I made it just under a year since the last post… oh my. That was not intentional…but time has a funny way of getting away from you.

However! I have not been idle. I have finished a fair number of projects in the last year. I have thrown some game systems out the window. I have found more to take on. All business as usual for most of us I suppose! The last 6 months have been pretty barren for hobby progress however. Driving so hard to finish my 3000 points of Emperor’s Children for last summer burned me out really hard. But I have picked up the brush from time to time and managed to keep going!

First up – My Legio Fureans! I did post these up before but I now have decals done and a few new additions to the ever growing legio!

I finished up a second Warlord titan, which sat as a skeleton built and unfinished for about a year… but all the new weapons from FW got me a reason to finally finish it off and I am glad I did! I also added a 3rd reaver titan too…probably my favourite titan model out there.

I have no more titans at home, which is GREAT – everything done. But I want to add 2 more warhounds and the new Nemesis titan for that lovely artillery lobbing!

I also need to start adding knights, which will be from house Devine. But I haven’t gotten around to figuring out how I will end up doing them yet…. that’s for later 🙂

Next up – a Surprise Legio!!! I did not build or paint these myself! I WON these beautiful models from the Varangian Heresy podcast – Fight Against DMD charity (For the 2020 raffle see here). These were painted by the lovely folks at Cult of Paint.

The postman had played a full game of rugby with the box though and the poor boys came pretty smashed up. However, after some precision gluing they are looking good as new! This is great having a second legio because I can now loan this out to friends at events and games to get more people into this amazing game! I think I may have to pick up a Psi Titan too for them……..

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