The Cult Rises – Join Heaven’s Conduit Today!

I just finished up my 3rd Necromunda gang this weekend! The Genestealer cults always looked so fun to play, and the models are so gorgeous. Your only limit is your imagination when it comes to these guys for sure.

I went with a theme of basing them off actual cults and followed that through with the naming of all my gang as well.

Some of these models I had already painted as part of a long forgotten GSC army for 40k. The scheme I wanted was a dark and grimy feel. Something like you would expect to see some void miners or deep hive dwelling work crews to be wearing.

The leader, aberrant, and familiar I had to build up just for this out of spare parts – I had no actual models for any of them. I am really happy with how they turned out however and while originally I was going to replace them with their actual models down the road, I may no longer do that!

My gang is as follows:

Marshall “Doʊ” Applewhite – Cult Alpha – Gang Leader

Jim “Jonestown” Jones – Hybrid Acolyte Early Gen – Champion

Helter Manson – Aberrant

Shoko  – Specialist

Ron Hubard – Ganger

Vernon Koresh – Ganger

Miscavige – Ganger

They have an array of weaponry that I’ve never used in Necromunda and look forward to trying out.. like the mining laser and the duel wielding alpha that also has a whip!!

Here is the completed gang in all their 4 armed loving glory.

I’ll have to start building some more gangers soon to expand the gang as the campaign gets rolling next month. Most certainly I need a webber!

More to come…

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