Necromunda Campaign – Game 2 – vs Enforcers

Game 2 of the campaign saw me up against Martin’s Enforcer gang: Precinct 13. This was a bloody battle where we both fought hard to be the last man standing to control the territory.

I challenged him for the uncontrolled Toll Crossing territory, hoping to add another incoming generating territory to my list.

The mission we had was the Looters mission, though in hindsight it was not a great choice of mission.. Basically the defender (Enforcers in this case) had 4 crates on the board. I had to try and pull them off the table or bottle the enemy to claim them all. However your money for winning comes straight out of the enemies stash…and he has 5 credits total. Oops.

The game got off to a bang, with the Enforcers taking priority and the enemy sniper taking a quick shot at my own sniper (a PROXY model since I had not finished mine…she had it coming..). A hit, a wound, and down for a serious injury. Bonnie Peep would not get back up for the entire game (and tune in later for her exciting end game adventure..).

I started by moving the gang up the board to try and swarm his 3 man shield squad holding the closest crate. However the road block made getting through not as easy as I had planned and that caused a split in my forces. His squad charged around the crate in the road to engage Ron Hubbard, smashing him to the ground via riot shield and taking him out of action. Luc Joure, seeing this, charged the enemy with his mining pick on full power, swung and hit only air.. He was then smashed in the face by the same riot shield and crumbled to the ground beside his fellow brother, going out of action. Great start!

Vernon Koresh had climbed up on top of the toll crossing bunker and fired a solid shot into the same shield wall after his 2 brothers had fallen, seriously injuring one of the cops and causing their leader to break and run at the sight! This caused a swing in my favour as I was able to start pushing my advantage without worry on that flank now. My Abberant, Helter Manson, was hit by a boltgun at extreme range as he tried to flank up the side of the battle and remained seriously injured for the rest of the game..crawling into cover and even with a friend beside him unable to get back up.

Jim Jones with his mining laser was able to silence the enemy grenade launcher, but never managed to take him out of the game fully. He would later stand back up but was no longer a threat this game.

We both broke after a few turns, having taken multiple casualties, and suddenly the race was on to be the last man on the board. The game would end when one team was completely removed. We fired shots back and forth but neither of us could finish anyone off, it just came down to rolling for break checks to see if a model was removed when it was activated. I had a lot more models on the board but suddenly in 1 turn I had all but 2 of them pulled off! Finally, with my remaining 2 gangers hiding to avoid being hit, the enforcers retreated off the board leaving their caches behind…

Victory for the CULT!

However this is when we would find out those loot caches we were fighting for…..were empty. Martin’s gang only had 5 credits in the bank and the credit rewards for this campaign would come from his own stash. So….I got 5 credits for all the damage I took…

Then to add insult to injury, when rolling my income from territory…the collapsed dome…collapsed. Rolling randomly to see which poor ganger would be caught in this cave in…it was the SNIPER! The one who did nothing at all the entire game but lay injured, would have her hand crushed and be forever dropped by -1 to her weapon skill. Well, not that bad…since shes just for shooting. But she would miss the next game..

Otherwise, my other 2 injuries ended up in recovery but with no serious injuries.

The Enforcer captain however lost an eye! I don’t recall which ganger caused the wound but it was pretty entertaining result regardless. He has since bought a bionic replacement :).

Below is the newsletter for the gangs adventure, enjoy!


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