2020 in….review..

I think a couple of times every month I remind myself I should update this blog! It has now been..over a year and hey why not now!!

I won’t bother with “the covids” stuff but well obviously that ground 2020 to a halt. And while many took this (hopefully) once in a lifetime opportunity chance to get a massive amount of hobby done while forced to be at home…. I….languished. I did very little.. only finishing a couple projects I had started on my to do lists and otherwise just plugging away here and there. The stopping of any hobby events and pretty much gaming as a whole just dumped my motivation into the toilet. But hey I got a lot of hours into some video games….

SO as this is a 2020 in review, I am forced to look back at what I actually did get done.

The largest project was actually what may be a first ever. Finish every model I have for 1 game system! Though, granted, I didn’t have a ton for it. I finished everything I have for Star Wars Legion (the starter box, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Bossk, Boba Fett). I loved painting the Imperial side and spent awhile on them including doing oil weathering which I think made the stormtroopers really pop. The Rebel side I found boring to be honest and just smashed them out with contrast paints for the most part..

Next up I finished a unit of destroyers for my Emperor’s Children. The only thing I think I did for them since…

You saw them in a few previous blog posts from a promising Necromunda campaign cut down in its prime thanks to the covids, but heres another quick shot of the Genestealer Cult gang I had done up. It really sucked having to quit that campaign at our half way point as it was really fun, but alas…

Most of 2020 ended up being me taking lessons and slowly working on some models to a much higher degree than I normally would do. I focused on skin, dabbled in some NMM (what a headache!) and put a lot into lighting. All my lessons were online with the fantastic Brennan (https://www.instagram.com/bb_miniatures/) who does both private lessons and commissions if anyone is interested!

First up was Lord Commander Eidolon. Probably the best looking Emperor’s Children model I have done thanks to this. I spent a massive load of time on this figure but in the end was worth every minute. I think I actually repainted him twice during the course of pushing myself on this guy.

One of the greatest things about these lessons was learning to ENJOY painting skin! I spent a lot of time working on skin with Brennan and I gotta say I went from loathing it every time to now loving it! It’s my favourite part of a model these days. Below are some of the models I was working on for lessons

And finally, some friends decided to start up a D20 heresy challenge: start up an army and roll for every unit choice you have to get. Of course I had to jump in! So here is the start of what I ended up with, Alpha Legion. Hopefully I get more painted at some point.. 🙂

And so ends a 2020 in review! So far I can say 2021 has been going better on the hobby front, especially in the last couple months as gaming as become a reality again 🙂

I have 3 battle reports now to write up for Necromunda for the campaign we kicked off to play over the summer!

Also, here is my usual yearly goal pass/fail chart! Not uh… that great 🙂

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