Purgatum’s Breach: Necromunda Campaign Game 1


Welcome back to the first campaign battle report for our first Necromunda campaign since the great covid break! God I cannot tell you how nice it is to be playing again. Steve (https://www.instagram.com/hobby.dad/) has graciously stepped up to organize and run this campaign and we have set it for 8 weeks max to take place over the summer. Keeping it basic with just a dominion campaign so we can all get used to playing and relearning all the rules 🙂

So without further ado, lets jump into the campaign overview, my gang, and the first battle!

Purgatum’s Breach.

Where the Underhive borders Hive Bottom, lies Purgatum’s Breach. A dome with toxic wastelands and Sump Sea surrounding the bulk of its passageways in and out of the dome. The Breach, as the local inhabitants call it, appeared some time after a violent hive quake. A portion of the dome’s wall cracked open on the settlement’s outskirts, exposing a large chasm, with a deep red glow… Gangs race to stake their claim in what lies beyond The Breach. Could it be long lost Archeotech and riches? Or could horror await those that look to unearth its secrets?

The Flymasters of Hulud

The infestation that is spreading by the Flymasters of Hulud did not begin from within the walls of Hive Bottom. More than 200 standard Terran years ago a trade ship from Rakis Prime unknowingly carried with it the seeds of corruption within an infested merchant whose name is no longer recorded. By the time the ship entered the crowded atmosphere of Necromunda the entire crew had already succumbed to Grandfather Nurgle’s blessings.

Ignoring the landing directions from the Enforcer Air Traffic Station 99.b Lower Hive Sector, the servitor controlled turrets opened fire on the craft, sending it spiraling down towards Hive Bottom in flames. While most of the crew turned to pulp on impact, those further advanced with Nurgle’s gifts survived the impact to scatter into the hive below before Enforcer cleanup squads could cleanse the crash site.

Since then, running mostly unnoticed at Hive Bottom, the Flymasters of Hulud have blossomed into a full on infestation. Led for generations now by the demagogue Shaitan Wormcrust, the recent hive quake exposing Purgatum’s Breach has threatened to bring unwanted attention to their growing numbers. Shaitan aims to quickly claim dominance over Purgatum’s Breach before any other gangs can gain a foothold and silence any who would raise the alarm to the authorities in the higher levels…

Here is the gang at the start of the campaign (minus the spawn, the currently unnamed slug there, just in case I get so lucky 🙂 ).

I am running a Nurgle blessed Chaos Helot gang, led by Shaitan Wormcrust (the fellow with the large belly). Champions Papa Scabs (with the heavy stubber) and Fulgungus the Vile (grenade launcher and red hood) will help lead the gang. The poor cannon fodder gangers are Bronkestus, Mumpos, Ethan, Nurglungus, and Rickettsia Australis. Both the leader and grenade launching champ have Chaos Familiars, Buzzer and Cyclopo.

The Preamble: Steve our campaign manager hosted a get together at his place for everyone to kick off our campaign which was awesome. Nothing beats gaming outside with beers and BBQ. I was playing against the lovely Ian (https://www.instagram.com/unexplained_miniatures/) who drove a good distance to be here. He playing a Venator gang “The Unremembered”. He only had a handful of games total under his belt but knew his rules well and put up a helluva fight.

We would be fighting over the Rogue Doc Shop territory

The Mission:

Sector Mechanicus – Border Dispute

Both sides start 12 inches on the board and place a gang relic on their own side. Each team is trying to defile the others relic. 1 model from each gang was randomly chosen and had to be placed 1″ from the center of the battlefield. Sadly for Ian, his random model was the sniper! A drunken sniper who wields a beer bottle in his other hand I might add..

The Game:

We played on Steve’s insane hand crafted table – some pictures before our setup above. My objective was placed on the large catwalk over the sump boat, Ian’s was placed on top of the landing platform across the way.

Trying to get to his objective would not be easy. There was a lot of open ground to cover so I pretty quickly gave up on that idea and decided to try and pick off his guys to gain a win via bottle. However other than Papa Scabs with his heavy stubber, my max range was 24 inches. The first turn saw us both just trying to move closer up the flanks while I thought I would charge gloriously into his sniper with Nurglungus (my guy who started at the center). He jumped up over the large tank on the ground, charged into combat…missed all his attacks…and was struck over the head with a glass bottle from the sniper. This would not only take him out of action but see him get a Spinal Injury on the lasting injury roll!! What a great start for me :).

Don’t underestimate the drunk..

We both take multiple popshots at each other across the center of the battlefield after this with our autoguns, doing nothing but hit,pin, and fail to wound! Bullets were flying but none were finding their mark on either side..

While I tried pushing up the right flank with Bronkestus and Ethan, Ian was pushing down the bridge on the left flank with his leader and another ganger. My champion Rickettsia fired off multiple grenades but kept missing or only managing to get a pin. In return he ate a multiple toxin blades but the blessings of Nurgle proved far more resilient than the poison! Though having a familiar also sure helped ;).

On the right flank both Bronkestus and Ethan would end up out of action, both suffering an “Out Cold” result having only taken light injuries. While my specialist with a grenade launcher, Fulgungus, on the high catwalk on the right flank was hit multiple times and seriously injured to spend the game crawling around on the catwalk to survive. The balance was shifting in Ian’s favour as my gangers were dropping…until..

His leader was wearing a displacer field. A rather mysterious piece of wargear that will absorb any damage on a 4+, very good in Necromunda! However… it also causes the model wearing it to be teleported in a random direction as many inches as the strength of the weapon is.

Papa Scabs from high above on the catwalk took aim, unloaded his heavy stubber into Ians leader and watched in amazement as his disappeared from sight, only to reappear….over the abyss to his right.. Down they fell a big 6 inches to hit the ground with a solid thud, going out of action..

A long way down..

The game went on I think for another turn until Ian bottled and his fighters began to run. Luckily, I managed to hang on just long enough to claim the win in the first game of the campaign!

The Wrap Up:

In the end I was down 3 gangers, but luckily only 1 serious injury so the others would come back for game 2. Ian got “Out Cold” on every out of action he had on his gang, which was some luck!

I ended up with the Rogue Doc territory for the win and a handful of credits. Papa Scabs was the only one to make it out with a confirmed kill.

Tune in next time for game 2!

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