Purgatum’s Breach: Necromunda Campaign Game 3


Week 3 of the campaign would be against the new and fire loving Redemptionist gang! Aaron’s Confraternity of Redemption (no instagram to promote 😦 ). Aaron is a pretty new hobbyist after being dragged into it due to non stop pestering by my buddies and I, but is learning fast!

The Preamble:

If Cawdor are known for flame weapons, Redemptionists take it to another level. I knew getting close would be a death sentence so would try and keep my distance and keep them pinned. The one thing going for me is my trash armour actually would be good here. Most of my guys have hazard suites on which makes them immune to blaze! About all those are good for..

The boys ready for some action!

The Mission:

Survival of the Meanest – Sneak Attack

The defender needs to have at least 1 model still on the board after 9 turns. The battle would be using the Sneak Attack setup, so the defender would start of on sentry duty. Additionally we used the Hive Critters peril card that would see a small batch of little monsters running around randomly on the map, attacking whoever they came close to. At each end phase they would move 2d6 in a random direction and if they came in contact with a player, would hit them for a S3 hit at ap –

I had a secret objective to try and get 1 model (Poxy Pete) off the board edge, as he was carrying a package worth d6x10 credits.

Pretty straight forward as far as missions go!

Aaron would be the attacker in this mission.

The Game:

I was stuck wondering around on sentry mode until Aaron chose to make the first move, hoping no little critters would bite my ankles while I was at it. My gang was spaced out a long the board edge they are near in the photo above, with my only plan to try and make him bottle as fast as possible (since he had a smaller gang). Turn 1 was just spent with Aaaron moving up the battlefield while my guys wondered aimlessly non the wiser. A couple of the critters took a bite out of Aarons eviscerator knocking him down, but not wounding him.

Aaron decided to take his chances and get things going on the right flank where the majority of his gang were advancing. He opened fire into Bronkestus and Fulgungus, dropping them and setting Fulgungus on fire while he lay seriously wounded. Bronkestus got back up to return fire, jammed his gun, and was shot again and seriously injured.

Things in the center didn’t go too much better. Nurglungus charged around the barrier to try and take out a juve, flubbed terribly, and was then taken out of action. He was however able to pull the pin on a his way out thanks to the tactics card Last Gasp. My new human bomb, Poxy Pete, charged gloriously holding out an incendiary grenade in his hands (to give them a taste of their own medicine) but didn’t do much other than get himself pinned! The middle was a quagmire of pinned bodies while my heavy hitters still couldn’t get a lock on anyone due to the cover.

Rickettesia on the left flank, kept the Redemptionists in the center on their back thanks to his trusty grenade launcher, stopping them from being able to charge and do much more damage. Poxy Pete meanwhile sprinted away from danger to run off the board edge, dodging a little critter nearby, netting me my secret objective and earning some extra cash!

Meanwhile, thanks to some Overseer shenanigans, I was able to climb Papa Scabs down from his top perch to get some better angles on Aaron’s now pressing gangers. Both Bronkestus and Fulgungus have gone out of action, leaving only my leader Shaitan and Papa Scabs to try and hold back the tide. Papa Scabs however did what he does best, catching Aaron exposed after his coup de grâce on Fulgungus. I took out of his gangers from a sustained blast of the Heavy Stubber and then knocked his leader down some wounds and got him pinned.

In one of the funniest moments of the match, one of Aarons Juves then decided to be a hero. Raising his hands in prayer, he ran out right into the open filled with the light of the God Emperor to stare down my leader and demanded him to remain where he stands and move no more! However, completely out of his depth, my boss easily passed his willpower check and gave a deep chuckle as he gunned down the juve in the street. Mumpos would come by and clean the Juve up after.

By this point, Aaron was down multiple gangers, failed a bottle test, and chose to run. He still had about 4 turns left to wipe out my gang and my larger numbers were making that not look possible without taking some risky injuries by trying to hang in.

Victory to the Flymasters!

The Wrap Up:

This win gave me the Old Ruins territory which helped me net a few more credits post game. I took some grevious injuries and 1 critical that required a doctors visit.

Luckily I had a rogue doc, so no problems right? Won’t have to pay that huge bill and good ol Fulgungus should be back to action soon.

Varicocele: 5 Ways Your Doctor Is Setting You up to Fail! - Varicocele  Healing
Or not.

Rolled a 1… dead. Sigh. RIP to Fulgungus, my poor specialist who barely did anything all campaign but crawl around on the ground. He died as he lived.

No matter, I got to keep his gear at least! New gangers were brought in to replace him and on we move to the final game in the fist half of our campaign.

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