Purgatum’s Breach: Necromunda Campaign Game 5


After a couple weeks break we gathered our forces and ventured back into the depths of the underhive for the second half of our campaign. With a pile of creds and an aggressive recruitment drive all the gangs were going in strong for this game.

I would be playing against the amazing Adrian, who also hosted us for this game. Check out his awesome work via Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/dragonbrushage/ . While he has literally every gang possible in Necromunda at this point (and almost all painted!) this campaign he is running the much (un)loved Corpse Grinder Cult! They are not a gang I was looking forward to playing against even if I was looking forward to playing with Adrian!

The Preamble:

The CGC gang has a nasty reputation and probably mostly deserved. While their shooting is near non existant, their abilities in close combat are terrifying. Coupled with some terribly tough mechanics that force you to possibly test for shooting/charging/close combat against them due to their spooky Halloween masks, they pose an interesting challenge. The last thing you want to do is offer yourself up for melee unless you have something truly devastating of your own to deal with them. The plan would be to keep them pinned down and unable to charge, while backing away as quickly as I could!

This game would end in a massacre. For whom? Keep reading to find out…

The Mission:

Tunnel Clash

3 objectives, 1 in the center and then 2 others around that one on the board. Controlling an objective nets you 1 VP at the end of a turn. First to 3 VP’s is the winner. We drew the Free for All deployment map so the board was split into 6 large rectangles to deploy in, 3 for each of us, which would see us both having fighters scattered around the board.

I had challenged Adrian in this game so we were fighting over his territory, The Corpse Farm

Perils: Horrors in the Dark

The Game:

The game would start with our models all areas of the board due to the deployment type. The race was on to try and get to the objectives as soon as possible to grab those early VP’s. On my side of the board, there was a massive terrifying Corrupted Ambot looking to make mincemeat out of my poor gangers. On Adrian’s side I deployed 3 gangers in the middle to try and distract the majority of his gang while I pushed up. That uh, didn’t work out quite like how I imagined thanks to a horrific incident involving a very deadly harpoon gun…

Before I could activate these fighters, Adrian pulled a group activation, moved his guys up and lined up a perfect harpoon shot. It went straight into one of my new gangers, Goomba, and then continued going straight into the ganger beside him; Nurglungus… Not only did it grab them both, it yanked them both a couple inches closer to his horrendous melee champion. The other new ganger, Dryh Hueave, who was right beside them, panicked and broke at this horrific sight. He ran for cover behind the building and made 0 attempt to save his friends. As you can probably guess, the champion made short work of the 2 horribly injured gangers on the ground.

Meanwhile my new big boy, Rocksteady, an Ogryn Brute, looked to show these so called melee masters a thing or two. And he did. Once. And then continued to miss every swing in combats after :). Adrian got one of his champions, which I believe was the same fellow who ate my poor gangers at the start of the game, right up to the face of Rocksteady. However I was able to get the charge on him instead, felling him in one huge swing from his power maul. As I attempted to keep up the momentum after I would soon find him pinned, unable to charge, and then later in close combat but unable to hit a dang thing. He would be take out of action later in the game after a couple rounds of combat with Adrian’s fearsome cultists.

Meanwhile on the 2nd level of the board, above the rampaging ambot, my attempt to hold off the advance of the cultists with my champion Rickettsia, Papa Scabs giving fire support from above, and a couple of lowly gangers proved to be not enough.. With some clever use of smoke grenades to block my line of sight when shooting, they moved up together and started tearing through my fighters. First Rickettsia, then the gangers. the most devastating fellow being that guy with the sawblade that he would spin around his head! Terrifying weapon with a long reach. In the end, nothing but mincemeat over here and nothing to show for it..

The only shot that landed a kill for me this game was this lovely lasgun hit from the poor fighter Dryh Hueave, earlier broken by the sight of his friends being pulled away and eaten, who managed to hit a cultist that was running up the ladder seen in the picture, causing him to slip off it and land on his neck. Sadly I didn’t get a good picture with him laying at the bottom!

This is where the game finished up. As you can tell, I had lost a lot of good men and Adrian still had a ton of fight left. I had not actually bottled yet naturally but chose to pack it up and run before I started taking serious casualties. In the end, after wrap up, I didn’t actually have anyone die. Adrian captured poor Mumpos who was left injured on the ground when the rest of the gang ran for their lives.

The Wrap Up:

Brutal! The Corpse Grinders live up their name and took a heavy toll on my gang. Through sheer luck, nobody died, and no major lasting injuries occurred. Mumpos was captured never to be seen again however…

The masks the corpse grinders wear can be a real pain. They weren’t quite as bad as I had thought, as there are different types and in my head I thought every one of them would force a willpower check to shoot etc. However only the champions I believe had those ones. The regular guys I think you had to check for charging which caught me flat footed a couple of times. But when you’re gang is already not amazing at shooting, or CC, the extra test to see if you can even do that thing really adds up!

As always, Adrian was a gent to play with and I always enjoy it. Hosted by him and all the terrain supplied by him as well! What more can you ask for but to play on a table that looks so nice with two fully painted gangs!

We would meet again on the “same side” in the campaign finale, which will be coming up shortly here!

The gang looking much happier before the battle.. 🙂

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