Purgatum’s Breach: Necromunda Campaign Game 7


Game 7 saw me take on Aaron’s Redemptionist gang again in what would be the shortest game of Necro I think I ever played. I was the challenger this game fighting over Aaron’s Mine Workings. Though it wouldn’t really matter as the next game was the campaign finale and your territory bonuses wouldn’t come into play. This is a unique scenario that only lets you bring a few fighters and you cannot do anything but slowly creep towards each other. See below to see how it played out.

The Preamble:

Since the mission forced you to slowly walk towards each other waiting for someones nerve to break and start shooting, I figured I would be pretty screwed on this. Aaron has a ton of flamer weapons so what is the last thing I would want to do? Be directly in front of them. The crews however were randomly chosen, and as fate would have it, he would only start with a single trooper armed with a flamer! I also ended up with my brute. So you might be able to guess how things turned out.

The Mission:

The Shootout

Played on a small board (3×1 in this case), both gangs start on either end. The only action they may perform is a move, towards the enemy (though can get no close than 4″ away). Every time you activate you have make a Cool check to see if you keep your nerve. Every time you fail, you put a token on your guy. The first guy to fail 6 checks will break his nerve and start blastin’ *insert DeVito meme here*.

After that, everyone goes for their guns based and does Initiative tests. Those who passed all shoot first, then the others. After that the game goes as normal, ending when 1 gang is off the board.

The Game:

We both kept moving forward, failing tests as we went slowly cracking, until we were both 4″ away from each other.

And then..
Aaron’s ganger was the first to break (I think I was about 1 away from breaking on ganger) and started firing. Thankfully, he missed! Then all hell let loose as we traded shots at point blank. He knocked my leader and ganger over in the opening salvo, and then my familiar charged into them to tie them up. My brute went charging into his leader and crushed him in a mighty swing. In doing so, it broke the juve beside him and he fled into the alleyway beyond. The ganger wisely went with him!

My brute gave chase, seriously injuring the ganger but not taking him out, while the juve continued to run for his life.

And that was the game :). I think it was only a couple turns really. Over in about 30min! Fastest game of Necro ever but also quite fun.

The Wrap Up:

This game really could have gone either way. If Aaron had a bit of luckier shooting at the start I would probably have been the one running for my life. It really just came down to who was shooting first and how hard they could punch! If he had got his flamer guys to start I would have been screwed.

So wraps up the final regular game of the campaign. Up next would be the grand finale, a giant brawl between all the players!

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