40k 2nd Edition Army Challenge – Slice 1

Month 1 starts with an Apothecary and Chaplain. Lovely models, though leaving me very very little blue to paint! Instead I’m stuck with 2 of the most frustrating colours to make work, white and black!

However these are still very fun models to paint up. A lot of nicely sculpted detail and room for nice bright 2nd edition colours 🙂

This was our starting point above, a couple of primed models. I chose to give the Chaplain a hand flamer and the Apothecary a bolt pistol but other than that it was all as they came.

The biggest challenge, other than staying motivated which is a never ending problem, ended up being the decals! I was trying to use original decals from the period, and while they still looked fine they basically fell apart while trying to apply them. I think I went through about 5 skulls and 6 or so U’s trying to make it work!

In the end I just chose to use some more recent ones that in the end look exactly the same any way.

Not the most inspiring paint jobs and while I know I could push it a lot further I just want to enjoy some nice tabletop standard that also capture the same look and feel of the time!

I used some pumice gel on the base at first but I think it ended up a bit too large. I picked up some smaller sand to use going forward to better match the original styles.

Up next is assault marines! Go check out all the other entries once they are up on: https://c0wabunga.com/

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