The 40k 2nd Edition Army Challenge!

This year I was lucky enough to be able to join the amazing 2nd Edition Army Challenge being run by Dr. The Viking over at (a wonderful site, full of frequent content updates)!

This is the 3rd challenge he has put together, pulling people worldwide together to work on a 1000 point 2nd Edition 40k army. I first heard about this during their 2nd event, jealously following and hoping to be able to join on their next one. I think I had my stuff prepped and email written in draft form about 1 month before the applications even went live.. there was no missing it this time!

The challenge is straight forward and simple (in theory) enough: Make a 1000 point 2nd Edition army, break that army into 5 slices to be completed once a month, and send your completed entries in by the deadline to be put up on the website. In 2nd Edition the points were much heavier, so you aren’t looking at a ton of models really, making this quite manageable.

All credit to Dr Viking on this awesome title card!!

I chose to do Ultramarines, to flesh out my small force I painted up a few years back with some more units! So it may look like a strange army choice on paper due to that :).

Slice 1 – Apothecary, Chaplain
Slice 2 – 5 Assault Marines
Slice 3 – 5 Scouts, Razorback
Slice 4 – 5 Assault Marines
Slice 5 – Calgar, Techmarine

I figure I’d start light with a couple characters to warm up, before getting into the meat of things, and then finishing off with a couple of characters as a reward!

Here is the starting point of our models:

Stay tuned for further updates and check out all the other contestants as well to see how they fair!

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