2022 – Where did it go?

Well it seems 2022 went about… the same as some of the previous years.

We started out with some batreps and hobby on here and turned into…. crickets :). On the plus, the hobby and gaming never stopped! It was quite a packed year honestly! So, in an effort to once again put a lost ship back on course let’s look back at 2022 and what was finished, left behind, and plans for the new year

Since I was all over the map in terms of projects I’ll do some quick pics and writing about each system, and then do some other posts later with deeper dives.


A whole table! With the release of Ash Wastes for Necromunda I KNEW I needed a table for it, especially to help with the local scene as ash wastes boards were going to be in short supply.

I chose to repurpose some grassy hill terrain I already had, as well as do a bunch of new buildings for a shanty town look. Here’s some WIP shots!


The start of 2022 we still lived in a pretty dire time for 30k, but that meant a lot more focus on Titanicus! We had our first big event for the game since covid, and I got a bunch of gaming in on the side as well. It was nice to finish my titans finally to 100% complete via banners and the bases.

Horus Heresy!

For a game that was powerfully dead in the water coming into 2022, it sure as hell came back swinging. By early Spring the rumors were now confirmed that Horus Heresy would be getting a 2.0 I was honestly quite exhausted with 1.0 and honestly had I never played it again I wouldn’t have cared. So this was everything I wanted. Not only is the new edition a blast to play but it has brought back this beautiful game and many players with it! We had 1 large 2 day event, multiple 1 day events and many a random gaming days since it dropped in June. Most of my hobby effort for the year was put into heresy for sure, so heres some random event and painting pictures!


The second most active game was certainly Necromunda. One of the things I DID manage to put in the blog last year was a handful of bat reps from the first campaign of the year. We since played a second full campaign and as I write this are gearing up for our first Ash Wastes one! I did a whole new gang over the summer of Goliaths that would lead to the Ash Wastes as well.

2nd Edition Challenge!

Another thing you can see that started off the blog in 2022 and was left behind was the 2nd Edition Army Challenge 3! And as I write this we’ve already kicked off the 4th one 🙂 . I am proud to say I was able to finish this challenge and got to do some of my favourite models in the process. You can see all the other awesome work for this challenge here: https://cowabungajournal.com/40k2ndaciii-month-6-final-slice/

Slightly tied into the above, I also spent many a slow days or evening at work plugging away on the Battlescribe files for 2nd Edition. I managed to finish off all the major codexes by the years end, and am still plugging away now to add minor factions. I am quite glad people have been getting some use out of that !

That, at a glance, is where 2022 went. Not bad eh? Honestly it feels pretty good looking back at it, especially compared to “The Covid Years”. . I’ll finish off leaving my 2022 hobby goals/completion chart I do every year. Which I might add, showed a major…. 1% growth in painted models! Not bad 🙂

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