Necromunda: Year in Review

2022 was a very busy year for Necro. I had 2 full campaigns, a whole new way to play the game with Ash Wastes, my first full table that I built and painted, and 2 new gangs!

The first campaign started in early Spring. You can see the first few battle reps I posted here, though I didn’t keep up with it… big shock :). For this I decided to finally do my Judge Dredd inspired Enforcers (very original I know).

I wasn’t sure how this gang would be to play, since they don’t get to play like a “normal” gang in Necro. No territories, less unit types, and fairly mediocre stat lines. However they have some pretty good gear! With shields, heavy reinforced armour, and under suits you can get down to 2+ saves easy enough!

In the end I managed to finish middle of the pack, out of 7 gangs. It was a pretty fun gang to play, but the back half of the campaign it can be pretty hard to keep up with all the crazy toys and gear people end up with. I would play them again for sure in the future. A special mention to Sergeant Judge Morphy, lost in the line of duty. Fittingly, Judge Dredd took the most kills for the gang, bringing in 4 bodies with his trusty bolter.

You can see in the pictures the insane campaign finale, featuring a massive hive beast tearing the place apart. It was a wild multiplayer game with everyone fighting the beast (and each other) to try and save the hive. Nobody does campaigns like Adrian does, a real gem.

This took us up to the Ash Wastes release, something we’ve all been super excited for. The downside of course, being GW, was the lack of real info on how it would all work. Even with the massive box set we were still left waiting for another book to even play properly lol. This meant we’d have to wait awhile until we could get going properly, even more so as no gangs even had vehicles on the horizon. The summer was quiet, everyone plugging away on their Ash Wastes gangs, custom vehicles, etc. We got some test games in but not too much was played. During this time I did embark on building a table for ash wastes, as almost all our collective terrain was set for The Underhive. I’ll detail this in a future post, but it is a shanty town using a lot of GW cargo containers and the ash wastes starter terrain. I got a mat from which works perfectly for taking places to game.

In the Fall we began the first of a 3(!!!) part campaign, again run by Adrian. This would start in The Underhive (part 1), move to the Ash Wastes for Part 2 (starting in a couple weeks from writing) and then end… well I don’t know, we haven’t got there yet! I decided to revisit Goliaths for this, but wanted to paint up a new version of them instead of using my original gang. I also wanted to base them appropriately for the wastes (even if that means they look funny in The Underhive but let’s just ignore that 😉 ).

The Ironbelt Juicers

I used a bunch of FW upgrades and did a lot of converting for my Tyrant (and vehicles later). I wanted everyone to have a mask/re-breather since they’d be in the wastes. Except the Juves of course, because they can suck it up. I think the Tyrant is my favourite model, based off the new 30k Praetor from the boxset, and using a bunch of bits from various other kits. The main car is, no surprise here, based on one of the many Ork vehicles that have come out recently. Shaved off the various Ork stuff and did a bit of plasticard to make a more stable back platform. I also did a couple of bikers (mounted guys) using the Marine Scout Bikes, which scale wise is perfect for Goliaths.

I think my most memorable game was against Martin and his enforcers fighting on opposite sides of a river and trying to take control of the toll bridge. The bridge would start to randomly rotate as the game went on, and at one point we both had multiple fighters on it as it swung sideways. I had 2 hand flamers there and lit all his guys on fire, who ran screaming off the end and into the mirky waters. It was a riot (more so for me) and ended not long after.

The campaign ended in December in another big multiplayer game with everyone trying to escape the hive and get to the vehicles to escape. To no surprise, the gangs began to turn on each other pretty quickly and chaos ensued. As a wave of Corpse Grinders began to arrive behind us we all finally started running for the doors as fast as possible. Unfortunately, due to being a game store we ended up running out of time to fully finish off the scenario he had planned! But it was still a great fight.

Part 1 of the large campaign went pretty well, coming in 3rd out of 9 (and 2nd in couple categories.. so close on top Reputation!). It’s hard to go wrong when all your guys are Toughness 4, and even some getting up to Toughness 5. And even though Goliaths should be close combat monsters, I actually played them very shooty relying on bolters, hot rolling, and brave Juves with hand flamers.

Luckily the gang took no fatalities, and the most kills went to Rhyno, the huge muscle covered champion carrying a Heavy Bolter. Go figure it was him eh.

The end of the year was spent slowly finishing off my vehicles, shown earlier. I did pick up a couple of the new Goliath Mauler bikes as well, which are closing in on completion. I’m stoked to get started in the Wastes and will endeavour to keep this updated with how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Necromunda: Year in Review

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  1. Wow what a great year of necromunda!

    I’m surprised at the amount of vehicles featuring in your games but I guess that must be a Newcromunda thing. They look great.

    The enforcers are very nice too! You need to make an ABC ambot too.

    I really like your game store terrain with the big walls. That’s quite clever I think.


    1. To be fair we haven’t actually started the campaign with vehicles yet! That begins next month. These were just basically terrain for the final game. They did do Ash Wastes back in the day for the original too but I think it just came out in Citadel Journal?..

      I did plan to do an ABC ambot! Too perfect to pass up

      All that terrain was hand build by our campaign tyrant! He’s a talented fellow and goes all out


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