Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps – Model Showcase

Welcome back! Today I figured I would show the figures I painted up for the awesome looking board game Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps and it’s various expansion packs.

I first learned of this game a few years back, and wish I had picked it up sooner because boy it was hard to get all the sets. I can’t imagine how tough it may at this point now.. The game is made by Gale Force 9, who also make the AMAZING Star Trek Ascendancy, one of my favourite board games. The production values on the models are pretty good for a board game, and all the game aids and cards are a nice solid card stock etc. The models come as coloured plastic (green for the good guys, aliens in black) so you could just play it from the box as is if you wanted. But it seems Galeforce 9 was smart enough to know people would want these to paint and use for other things, they even began selling the models in their own box sets. Smart play!

Most of the models are full, single sculpts. A few have heads or an army you put on. There isn’t really any room for conversions without a bunch of work, but frankly I don’t see much reason to (unless you wanted to use these for another game). The Xenomophs have both open and closed mouth heads to choose from, and remind me of the Barrel of Monkeys when trying to pick them up due to their tails.

Now I have to admit right at the start here – I still haven’t played the game.. I kept making my friends wait until I had it fully painted and then… just haven’t gotten back to it lol. But hopefully one day soon.

So first up we’ll look at the marines (which are from the core box and also the expansion (Ultimate Badasses), Newt, Burke, and Bishop

The hardest part was trying to match up the camo and armour to what they had in the movies. The shots from the movie are often dark on screen, and sources showing the camo / armour often seem to vary online in shades and tone. Plus there aren’t a lot of examples online of these models to look at either. I think I did as best I could to match each solider with his on screen appearance. Ripley and her space sneakers were another example of hard to find example.. for some reason.

I really like how they all turned out and seeing them together. They all had moulded names on their bases too so I gave them a nice alien blood glowy green which popped quite nicely.

Next up is the crew from the “Get Away From Her You Bitch!” box. Possibly the best box set name ever released.

The hardest thing here for sure was the loader. I built it all together with Ripley inside, so I had to paint it all and then go back to her. I airbrushed the yellow for a nice base and then just beat it up good with weathering.

I don’t wanna say how long I spent humming and hawing over how I’d paint my Xenomorphs. I saved all of them for last, mostly just due to indecision. If you look up Xenomorph examples you’ll find shades of blue, red, black, silver/metallic. It’s all over the map. Especially in Aliens, on screen, they all have a bluey tint to them. It looks freaking awesome, but the effect is really just from the movie lighting. The aliens themselves however, going mostly from the first movie, have a very dark brown kind of “skin” and a pretty shine black carapace head.

Finally, some group shots of all the models together.

The only models I didn’t end up getting was a small model only expansion they brought out for turrets and face huggers (both of which have tokens in the game to represent them). This is mostly just due to the fact I couldn’t find them for a not stupid price.

Hope you enjoyed these, I had a lot of fun painting them all up. Now I just gotta get some damn games in!

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  1. They look bloody awesome, Eric! I’ve been wanting to pick these sets up for awhile now. My understanding is that GF9/Battlefront have been intending to get it all back in production but their limited manufacturing has been struggling trying to get their various FoW properties back and so the timeline keep stretching. When you do get these to the table please do get some photos to post up!

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    1. I’ve heard as well that they intend to reprint them.. so if you can’t find them for a reasonable price it’s probably safe to hold off. I hope you get a chance to grab them! The models are pretty nice and I quite enjoyed the painting.

      Hope to get some games in soon and I’ll take pics for sure

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