Titanicus: Year in Review

Well thanks to a very dead heresy scene at the start of 2022, Titanicus was a very attractive outlet for gaming and hobby.

We had 1 full day event, a bunch of random games, and I finally got my titans to the 100% finished status I had been waiting a long time to do. So let’s dive in.

I started off by finally finishing off my titans by doing all their kill banners. I got these resin banners from an Ebay store: https://www.ebay.ca/str/winterdynecommissionmodelling . I really like them, and they are fairly stable (I was worried about the small chains and being 3d printed resin). My favourite are the big flags which come in a nice kit giving you various flag options and even magnets to attach it to your titan.

I didn’t have a lot of reference material, just the few colour blocks for Legio Fureans in the books.. so I just tried to keep the feel as best I could. I didn’t go too ham on having a million little skulls, and kept the markings larger using decals from the Fureans sheet. It was harder than you would think trying to figure out how to break up the banners with patterns and other colours… but also kind of enjoyable. Like painting some medieval flags or pennants really. I was quite happy with how they all came out. The decals make all the difference!

So let’s take a second to enjoy the titans and their big glow up!

I also got a couple much needed objective markers done up! The rhino is 3d printed from my buddy and works so nicely for this. All the marines are done up as Emperor’s Children since the Fureans fought alongside them a few times during the heresy. Brings a nice cohesion to the two games and my armies.

Next is a little gallery of games. Most of these are learning games against Marty. He just learned Titanicus last year (and Heresy for that matter) and needed to get as many games as we could in before our event in June. He was using Legio Astorum, the titan maniple that I had won in a random prize draw from the Varangian Heresy Podcast. They were beautifully painted by Henry Steele and I ended up selling them to Marty (to help get him in the game faster, and due to the fact I didn’t really need 2 full legios! ).

What would end up being the last Titanicus of the year was our first event since Covid, the Boys of the Golden Throne’s: Titandeath. It was a nice little event with I believe 16 people. We had some people from Seattle come up and even a group (Trident Wargamers) fly out from Edmonton. This was a 3 game event and a great time.

Game 1 was with one of the Edmonton boys, Dan, who had a really fun Khorne themed warhound list. He basically sent his Warhounds charging into my titans like torpedoes for maximum ramming damage. It was really funny and I hadn’t fought a list like that before. He took the win after a real slug fest and a few good beers.

Game 2 I played another of the Edmonton crew, Andy, over a very hot lava table. That proved to be pretty wild as both our titans were getting very heated and needing to vent all kinda of plasma. The details are fuzzy this far past, but I do believe I managed to sneak out a win.

Game 3 was with the most lovely man, someone I am always excited to play, Greg! Host of the great youtube channel Smells Like Machine Spirit (I’ll post links at the bottom). I think we spent most of the time just enjoying hanging out, having some drinks and chatting all things heresy. The game itself was super static with both of us just firing volleys back and forth doing almost nothing. In the end I had 1 reaver that was trying to sneak around some building but was caught by his own reaver and cut down, giving him the win.

As I said, while I expected to play more Titanicus, the big release of Horus Heresy really swept everyone up and sadly the titans to the side. But now in early 2023 a lot of us are really feeling the itch again to bring out the god machines and march to war. I myself have the new Direwolf titan to paint up, and some more weapon options for my various titans.

Trident Wargaming: https://www.youtube.com/@Trident.wargaming

Smells Like Machine Spirit: https://www.youtube.com/@smellslikemachinespirit4255/videos

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