Iron Warriors vs Imperial Fists Campaign Details

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Here are the details on how we are running our Iron Warriors vs Imperial Fists campaign “The Siege of Edinspire”
We planned it to be about 3-4 games using the series of missions from Stronghold Assault and 1 for Zone Mortalis (think WW1 underground mining mission….).

Mission 1: Bunker Assault

Mission 2: Breakthrough

Mission 3: ZM Mission (underground)

Mission 4: Last Stand

The Iron Warriors in this case are the attackers for each mission as they try and punch into the hive city and tear down the Imperial Fists walls that surround and protect it.

We are still using the normal Age of Darkness army lists with any ROW restrictions and bonus, but also adding the extras from Stronghold Assault (+1 HS slot for Iron Warriors, 3 or more Fortifications for Imperial Fists).

The first game starts at 4k points and we will increase by 1k for each game (except for the ZM game).  No primarchs from game 1, most likely will appear in game 2 however.

We are also doing wounded and improvement tables for all our characters (sgt’s, HQ’s, etc.). This will also be used for special characters, but not Primarchs. I found these online and just kept them as is for times sake 🙂 (I cannot find the source I got them from right now, I will update this when I find it again)! Maybe I will make my own at a later point though for another campaign. So any character that survives the battle can roll on the improvement chart. Any character that dies in the game rolls on the injury chart. If they die outright or have to miss next game that squad is now without that character going forward.

Injury Table:

Result Injury Table D66 Results
1 11-12 Character is slain
2 13-16 Miss next game. Roll a D6. 1 = Result 3| 2 =Result 5| 3 =Result 4| 4-6 =Result 6
3 21-22 -1 W
4 23-24 -1 I and -1″ to Run and Charge distance. Does not affect unit only model
5 25-26 -1 WS and -1 BS
6 31-36 Roll a D6. 1-2 = -1 T | 3-4 = -1 S | 5-6 = -1 A. These only last for the next game
7 41-46 Full Recovery but miss next game
8 51-52 =+1 A. -2 WS
9 53-54 =+1 S. Must always move as close as possible towards the enemy, and always atetmpt to charge if possible
10 55-56 =+1 T. Friendly units may not use your Warlord Trait or any Special rules which affect friendly units.
11 61-64 Full recovery. All friendly models withtin 12″ gain +1 LD for next gameonly
12 65-66 Full recovery. Gains hatred. Army gains +1 LD and Furious Charge while character is alive for next game only

Advancement Table: 

Advancement D6 Results
1 Roll a D6. 1-3 = +1 I | 4-5 = +1 A
2 Roll a D6. 1-3 = +1 WS | 4-5 = +1 S
3 Roll a D6. 1-3 = +1 T | 4-5 = +1 W
4 Roll a D6. 1-3 = Stubborn | 4-5 = Crusader
5 Once per game, at the beginning of your turn you may confer the following to the character and his unit: Counter Attack, Stealth, Fearless, Interceptor, Relentless. This lasts until the start of your next turn
6 Choose any of the above results. You must still do the any furhter D6 roll required.
Note If you roll the same stat increase on a second game, you must reroll



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