Titanicus: Year in Review

Well thanks to a very dead heresy scene at the start of 2022, Titanicus was a very attractive outlet for gaming and hobby. We had 1 full day event, a bunch of random games, and I finally got my titans to the 100% finished status I had been waiting a long time to do. So... Continue Reading →

Necromunda: Year in Review

2022 was a very busy year for Necro. I had 2 full campaigns, a whole new way to play the game with Ash Wastes, my first full table that I built and painted, and 2 new gangs! The first campaign started in early Spring. You can see the first few battle reps I posted here,... Continue Reading →

Echo Falls Campaign – Game 3

Welcome back to game 3 of our Echo Falls campaign. This was against viewer favourite Martin and his golden (shock) Van Saar! This game was fairly quick, I think it only lasted a few turns. But the mission is pretty wild with a huge pile of civilians on the board running around and shooting randomly... Continue Reading →


Welcome back to game 2 of the Echo Falls campaign. This time saw me playing against Bernie's slaver gang, the Abyssal Bondsman! My mission was to escort a hiver off the board, which was no mean feat considering how many hulking roided out chainaxes I would be up against. Check out the report to see... Continue Reading →

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