Weekend Necromunda Gaming – BoTGT Gaming Event

This past weekend saw the local podcast, Boys of the Golden Throne, host a day of gaming and drinks at the Royal Legion in town. It was, unlike other more structured events, just an open day of gaming full of terrain tables ready for playing on!

I played a game of Titanicus (that did not go too well for me 🙂 ) and then 2 Necromunda learning games to help teach my friend how to play. I was using my new Genestealer Cult models for the first time and he was running his new Enforcer models!

The first game saw us simply fight till the last man to help go over various mechanics. We setup on the large industrial table and it was off! The most memorable aspect for me was the fact that I couldn’t hit, or if I did, wound, ANYONE. Mining Laser missed 3 turns in a row, then rolled a 1 to wound on the 4th shot…. Grenade launcher shot one after another failed to ever wound. My Aberrant spent the whole game trying to cross a bridge only to fall seriously wounded 3″ away from his quarry. Most of the game was a tickle fight until we both bottled and started losing guys. But all in all, good fun and a good solid intro game for Martin

Next up after lunch we decided to try a real mission – Cyborg Assassin! This was a wacky game where we tried time and again to hurt the damn robot but it just kept teleporting away. For the unaware – it has a piece of wargear that whenever he takes a hit (in CC or shooting) on a roll of a 4+ the damage is ignored and hes teleported in a random direction as many inches as the weapons strength value! He is also only revealed after a fighter takes a serious injury (on the roll of a 5+, replacing that injured fighter).

So right off the bat, Martin fires at one of my guys with his sniper rifle, takes him down, seriously wounds him….. ASSASSIN! Turns up right at the start… It’s mission (which is randomly rolled for) was to try and escape the table. We were a bit unclear on who controls it so we just alternated each turn taking control of him (must make 1 move towards a point on the table edge, but otherwise you can use him as you wish).

Great. So now he is right in front of me…I attempt to blast him with my trusty strength 9 mining laser! I hit him…and he rolls the save again. *Zwwwaattt* Teleports right BESIDE my mining laser guy!! So while I turn to run my boss and his boys straight at the threat, it then activates on the next turn to shoot my mining laser boy :(.

Queue the next many turns. Shoot robot. Robot teleports. Shoot robot. Robot Teleports. It spent the entire game bouncing around about a 12″x12″ area.. Me and Martin attacked each other at close quarters while taking shots at the robot…but didn’t really do any damage to each other either!

In the end, finally, my mining laser landed a direct hit on the robot.. dropping him down to 1 wound left. After that, my Aberrant, which spent most of the game charging and failing to hurt a shield wall, took the opportunity and charged into the back of the robot and struck him down for good, giving my cult the win!

We both had a great time playing on this beautiful table provided by legend STEVE (https://www.instagram.com/hobby.dad/) of Instagram fame. Really teleports you right into the game getting to play on such a beautiful table.

Coming up next we launch the actual campaign for our local area – stay tuned to see how the Cult prevails!

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