Necromunda Campaign – Game 1 – GSC vs Cawdor

The end of February saw the start of a new campaign here in town. Very glad to finally be back on the Necromunda train and with a good group of guys too.

Most of the members of the campaign got together at one of our local stores for a kick off knight, to hand out starting territory and play our first game. I ended up gaining the Collapsed Dome along with my starting settlement to start off. 2d6 credits per game for the dome…6d6 if you want to gamble..but any doubles on that roll gives you no money and a random fighter gets a serious injury. I did some quick dice rolling to test and decided there is no way I’m ever doing that one lol.

My opponent for the first game was running Cawdor – The Harbringers. We played the ZM mission Tunnel Skirmish (aka, fight until you run).

We started only a square apart which put us in the action very fast. My champion, Jim Jones, has the infiltrate skill and a mining laser…so I stuck him in a position to overwatch a hallway exit that would prove very fruitful.

I’ll start out by saying – my dice were on FIRE this game. Hot fire. So much so I felt pretty bad. And, in typical dice fashion..with mine being so hot, his were ice cold!

So the game started off with us both moving into a safe position for turn 1, setting up some risky situations for whoever didn’t get priority next turn. My mining laser champion had a direct shot onto his champion with a crossbow…staring each other down. Gangers from both sides lined up to open fire..just waiting for that dice roll.

And of course, as I mentioned…hot dice. I took priority and the bloodshed began.

My mining laser got a direct hit on his champion, dropping him and taking him out of action right away. The ganger beside him, seeing his buddy eviscerated by heavy duty industrial equipment, lost his mind and ran screaming down the tunnels and out of sight.

Meanwhile, my grenade launcher let fly, missed the target he had aimed for, hit the wall behind him and exploded beside another ganger, causing a serious injury. oops.

The Cawdor gangers fired back but caused little damage, pinning my leader and another ganger but causing no damage. Ron Hubbard managed to fire of a triple shot volley into the enemy leader, seriously injuring him as well…

There was one causality for Heaven’s Conduit as Miscavige at the south of the map was hit by a solid slug blunderbuss shot and seriously injured. He would have been taken out next turn via coup de grace but luck saved him on that one.

At the end phase, his ganger that was hit by the nade succumbed to his injuries and went out of action, and his leader rolled a flesh wound flipping back over to pinned.

At this point, the Cawdor broke at the end of turn 2. Rightly so in a campaign, he decided to get off the field instead of hoping to stay and fight! No point in risking further wounds when things were going so badly.

The Cawdor managed to escape the battlefield with no further injuries and the game ended. Luck however finally shone on the Cawdor a little here, as with their 3 members needing to roll lasting injuries, the worst result was just going into recovery. The other 2 were just “out cold” (aka no issues, back next game).

Miscavige on my side also got an Out Cold result.

Glorious victory for Heaven’s Conduit saw them win the territory: Corpse Farm. Lovely. Just what I always wanted.

The end game credit payout was rather bountiful as well, and I managed to snag a free acolyte from my settlement too. With the credits I bought 2 more acolytes bringing my gang total to 10!

Joe Di Mambro, Luc Joure, and Fred Phelps all join the Conduit!

I made up this fun newsletter post game as well:


Next up I’ll be challenging Presinct 13 for control of the Toll Bridge!

Another note – I made this handy personal rulebook for my gang grabbing just the needed pages for rules! Much easier…


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