Purgatum’s Breach: Necromunda Campaign Game 8 – Finale


The finale of our first campaign since Covid was held as a group game, with all the forces split into 2 teams. We did this at Steve’s place who was our campaign arbitrator the whole time. We split the teams into Chaos vs Everyone else. So this gave us a 5v3, but as it happened all the Chaos gangs were at the top of the leader board so it was fairly balanced.

The Preamble:

This was going to be a long game. We were setup and about ready to go around 11amish and went into sundown. It was a great game, weather was perfect, and we all got to hang out outside drinking all day while rolling dice. Everyone who was in the campaign showed up so we had a full house too! We all recovered anyone who was out of action so every ganger could take part.

The Mission:

Daemonic Possession

We played a modified version of the Daemonic Possession, adding a 2nd daemon to the game. Both sides randomly determined a model on each team to become possessed by the daemon. At the end phase you check to see if the daemon jumps to another model nearby. If the model possessed is taken out of action or seriously injured the daemon is exorcised on a 5+, otherwise it jumps yet again 🙂

Team with the most victory points at the end was the winner.

The Game:

The table had a large toxic river running down the middle and both sides starting on opposite ends. One of my lucky gangers ended up being the one possessed on our side (my Heavy Stubber..). On the other side one of Martin’s enforcers was the possessed model for the other team.

Directly across from my gang was Aaron’s Redemptionists and close by them was Martin’s Enforcers. I had Adrian’s Corpse Grinder cult beside me who would “help” me out.

Across from me, very quickly betrayal broke out. This is Necromunda after all. Bernie’s Orlocks decided to try and take out the daemon that was hiding inside Martin’s enforcer.

This led to brutal back and forth between Martin and Bernie that left multiple from both sides down. The daemon did jump but just into another enforcer.

And while we laughed at that betrayal, Adrian did the exact same thing to me…

He charged towards me but I saw him coming and Papa Scabs cut down the first guy. However, another quickly followed up and managed to take poor Papa down. The daemon then jumped ship and into Adrians champion. Not wanting to have ANYTHING to do with those monsters again I was happy to just let him run away with this daemon now inside him.

Meanwhile on borders edge Aaron and I scrapped with our big lads and gangers over the bridge. He charged his scrap heap Ambot over into my lines. I threw my poor human bomb at it which did nothing 🙂 – Then my big boy charged in too. We both scrapped with each other but not much happened other than a couple wounds. I couldn’t hit anything in CC! I tossed some nades onto the bridge to slow down his leader and juve that was with him. Not long after this however due to a few injuries I ended up breaking and my guys began to slink away into the shadows..

On the other far end, Steve was fighting close and brutal with Patrice’s Enforcer gang. They fought over the boat getting right up close and personal. This was the first time anyone was able to take out Steve’s “Big Daddy”. I’m not fully sure how this one ended up but I think they were still battling at the end of the game.

In the end, the daemon that was in Adrian’s model ended up getting lit on fire, webbed, fell into other toxic river, then floated down until being taken out by Ian.

With the “good guys” taking out the daemon on our side, it gave them a big leap in victory points and not long after the game was called in their favour!

The Wrap Up:

This was a wild game, and very long! We roughly went around the table in order (randomly picking the person who went first at turns end) but if two people were not doing anything that would interact with the priority person they would just take their turn as well to speed it up.

It was a fun game and a great way to end the campaign. In the end, I believe Steve’s gang was top of almost all the charts! Kills, wins, rating, etc. Brutal savages!

I’ll do a final post later going over how I felt the Chaos cult favoured over all!

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