40k 2nd Edition Challenge III – My Finished Ultramarines

Nothing better than finishing off a challenge. And last year I was VERY excited to be able to join the Cowabunga Journal’s: Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition Army Challenge 3! I had watched jealously from the sidelines in the past but this time I was finally able to jump in (it helps when you pay attention to sign up dates)! Below is the starting point for the challenge. A pile of mostly pristine metal, and a few that needed a cleanup job. The razorback was straight out of the box (with shrinkwrap) which felt great to build. I actually built it a few years ago… So finally, it found some paint!

Month 1 started off with a couple of characters, a chaplain and apothecary. Nothing groundbreaking but a good easy start to ease in. I remember having a bit of a hard time getting through these, mostly due to the decals. I was trying to stick with original decals but time has a way of making those slowly turn to garbage, especially on curved surfaces!

Month 2 was the first 5 assault marines. Since you could run combat squads in 2nd edition, I kind of submitted these as combat squads but really they just all go together as all 10. They were pretty models to paint up. My favourite part of these is just the amount of decals you get in there, really giving them that 2nd edition codex vibe! The Sergeant model I think is still one of my favourite marine sculpts ever. Just something about that pose with the fist out, a real classic. The plasma gunner I think is a bit of a cheat, as I had to slap a more modern plasma gun in there. Nobody tell the purists…

Month 3 was the busiest, with 3 different units getting done. 2/3 were straight from the box too (the Scouts and Razorback)! All 3 of these provided some unique challenges. Scouts, having little armour, and no models in the codex itself to base colours off of, gave me some free reign to paint how I wanted. I opted for a simple black cloth, instead of the more traditional white due to just not wanting to deal with the layers needed to get such clean looking whites.

The Razorback was the biggest 2nd edition model I’ve yet to paint, and included obviously a lot of surface area. I used the airbrush for a crisp clean blue, and then picked out the details. Typically doing tanks is easy cause of weathering etc but with these models, it’s all gotta be pristine! Again, once those decals are on it really feels right out of the codex pages!

And finally I got an assassin, the only model with 0 blue on him! Still got the red though :). This model holds up so well, I’d be happy to do him today for a 30k army. Also the only model to have any grime, in the form of a bloody stump (and blade).

Month 4 I went a little easier, just doing another 5 assault marines and as a “bonus” entry adding decals to my Dreadnought I painted a few years back. My favourite one was of course the sergeant with chequered fist! Really fun to do. Name a better mix than red bolters, checkers, bright blue armour and green bases! Again a bit of cheating with the special weapon, using a heresy flamer. But at least it’s old looking 🙂 . I’ve included a picture of all 10 together as well

The final entry, and the one I was most excited about hands down, was none other than Marneus Calgar, Master of the Ultramarines! And also a helpful little techmarine. This model was always a great sculpt, and still is. Poops all over the new primaris one. The only thing not original here was the banner, which I printed out thanks to a high quality scan I found! I used some cardstock paper which gives it a bit more durability. I did have the original banner with the lot but it was dirty and a bit misshapen due to being cut around the edges… badly.

While there was 1 more month, everyone had a “free” month in case life got in the way. I chose to use the last month as a break and enjoy what I had managed to finish! Enjoy the final army pics (which I realize are a bit mediocre in quality.. Calgar wasn’t even in focus 😦 ).

So ended my first and very enjoyable 40k 2nd Edition army challenge! I’m glad to say I joined the next challenge and we’re already about to head into month 2!

Also go and check all the other awesome contestants here:

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